First Aid For Acne

By now you probably have heard that a number of the old wives’ tales about acne are incorrect – up to date research has established that acne is more likely to be caused by a shift in hormones than anything else.

No, you cannot make a run for you favorite burger joint, you need to battle acne with the right first aid. To do this, you need to have a good healthy diet in order to stock up on acne-fighting vitamins and minerals.

Water is the next thing you need – whilst it does not create acne or trigger it directly, not drinking enough water will make it harder for your skin to heal and more difficult for your system to clear out the toxins.

Without water, all the bodily systems are more sluggish as what water there is is used for the essential bodily functions. Plain water is best but, if this is not for you, add sliced fruit or herbs for flavor.

Taking a daily supplement that has the right levels of Omega fats and also chromium and zinc will allow your body to stay on top of things.

Zinc is a potent antibiotic and revs up your immune system. The Omega fats are necessary to fight inflammation. The chromium is going to get your insulin levels in check.

Exercise is vital – we are creatures that were designed to be graceful and move. The body needs activity to regulate the internal systems.

And we are not talking about hitting the gym for hours every day – all you need is 30 minutes of activity that brings the blood to your face and revs up your metabolism. Go to and get a clearer and beautiful skin.

When the body is moving, the circulation is working better and oxygen is transported to the muscles and tissues surrounding them for efficiency. Your skin reaps the benefits.

Even something as simple as walking the dog around the block will help – as long as you get a good pace going. Start with one block and work your way up.

The most important reason to do this though is that it brings the endocrine system under control meaning less acne breakouts.

And that is what you need in your first aid kit against acne – it can be beaten, it just takes clean living and a commitment to the future.

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